Bridging the gap between business and technology maximizes your organization’s performance. At Onyx, we partner with our clients to solve their technology challenges so they can focus on their core business. Using decades of experience, we bring forward thinking solutions and fluency in both business and technology to build strong partnerships and implement strategies for the long-term.

Tablet data cloud

Small to mid-sized insurance carriers in life and ancillary markets

Technology is one of the foundational pieces of framework within the operations of every insurance carrier. Onyx works with both senior leadership and internal teams to solve your organization’s challenges and meet your business needs. Whether it’s implementing a new system into your critical business process, strengthening your infrastructure, or modifying your operations to better manage your data, we have the expertise to lead your organization through the process.

Human Resources and Employee Benefits

Human Resource and employee benefit departments within large organizations face a unique set of business challenges. With several moving complexities, data, and processes, operations can often become disconnected. In managing time-sensitive, critical data, it’s essential that your business processes are working effectively. At Onyx, we have decades of experience working with HR and employee benefit teams to help streamline their processes and implement program improvements.