Data Management

Each day mission-critical data is generated from your organization. When your data resides with different vendors, it’s difficult to track and manage. Keeping this data secure, manageable, and maintaining data integrity is an essential part of internal business processes, business growth, and performance.

The Onyx team has decades of experience working with insurance carriers and human resource teams in managing employee benefit data. Whether it’s processing an eligibility or enrollment file, we have the expertise to manage your data operations in a timely manner, giving you confidence in your business processes and enabling your IT resources to focus on more pressing projects.

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Onyx’s data management services include:

Data Warehousing Services

Onyx’s data warehousing services provide a centralized, secure location for you to store all of your data in a standard format.

Data Conversion Services

Whether you are onboarding new business or combining your business processes with a new organization, the Onyx team can quickly convert your files to a specified data layout. Each conversion goes through an in-depth quality control process, giving you the confidence that your business processes will be uninterrupted.