Vendor Selection

When you’re ready to make a change, it’s often difficult to know where to begin. This is especially the case when you are approaching incorporating new technology into your critical business processes. At Onyx, we focus on getting to the core of the issue – helping our clients efficiently identify and implement solutions that will solve their technology challenges.

Rather than starting with a list of dozens of vendors and spending hours of research time, the Onyx team has the industry knowledge and experience to work with clients to gather their business needs, then quickly narrow down the vendors who will best fit the requirements of your organization. We focus on delivering results, rather than getting bogged down in the process.

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The Onyx team guides our clients through the following vendor selection process:

  • Business Need Identification & Requirements Gathering

    Each organization has unique business needs. The Onyx team works alongside internal departments to help identify strategic and tactical business needs, and determine if a business or technology solution is required. Then, specific requirements are gathered to help define what will be needed.

  • Full Market Review and Elimination Round

    In this step, an assessment and review of the market and each potential vendor is conducted. Vendors who do not match the requirements provided are removed from the vendor list.

  • Vetting of Vendor Shortlist (RFI/RFPs Optional)

    RFIs, RFPs, or company information is collected to gather in-depth information about the remaining vendors. A shortlist of vendors who could meet the needs of the organization are identified through a scoring system.

  • Finalist Selection

    Virtual or in person meetings are conducted with the client teams from the vendor shortlist. The vendor’s solution, technology, security, service model and references are thoroughly evaluated and two to three vendors are selected as finalists.

  • Recommendation

    A recommendation on the future course of action is provided, examining impacts to the top and bottom lines.

  • Vendor Selection

    A vendor is selected and implementation begins. Onyx often stays on the project and leads the implementation process, or the vendor selection phase is complete.